Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kvismare fågelstation, Sweden - Day 45

 1 of 4 bats caught this morning when setting up the nets.
Tage wasn't too impressed with the lack of birds... (can you tell today wasn't that eventful?)

There was a certain theme about today. We set up the nets and it starts raining very heavily, so we take down very wet nets.
We ventured out to Ässön for first let and set up 18 nets. Literally as I put the last loop of the last net up, it started spitting, getting gradually heavier and heavier. I thought we'd wade it out as it may just be a short shower...5 minutes later, we were running to the nets to take them down. I however couldn't do this until I took 8 Robins and 4 Bats out of the elevator net!
It was a real shame that the rain 'stopped play' because it looked like it may be a really good morning as even before first light, there appeared to be a decent passage of birds, so we could have had some fantastic totals.
We went home and caught up on data until the rain stopped. We then went to Öby Kulle, but again, literally 10 minutes after we'd set up, torrential rain appeared as if from nowhere! We did however catch a Tree Pipit and a recap Great and Blue Tit.
The afternoon saw us have another shot at Öby Kulle, but 30 minutes into ringing, a very very dark thunderstorm was heading our way, so we took down to avoid getting killed! We caught a new Chaffinch and 2 recap Great Tits.

Normally we probably would have called it a day after the dawn ringing with varied weather throughout the day, however I have now ringed 995 during my time at Kvismaren, so was really eager to get out and catch my 1000th!
Hopefully tomorrow will see us catch at LEAST 5 more birds!

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