Sunday, 21 June 2009

Red Backed Shrike - Brockholes Wetland/Boilton Wood LWT - 20th June 2009

Red Backed Shrike - Brockholes Wetland/Boilton Wood - Photo by Bill Aspin

A text off Bill Aspin regarding a Red Backed Shrike found by Nick Green just north of the Quarry at 16.50 came whilst I was stranded at home with no way of quickly getting to the quarry...luckily I was able to contact my parents and was able to be onsite by 17.30.
I was expecting a full car park when I got onsite but no! I was only the 2nd Birder after Nick!
Harbouring a bad chest infection, the treck up through Boilton Wood with Camera equipment was certainly a test of will power!
finally reaching the top I met up with Nick who was watching the area of scrub above Boilton Woods and said it had been flushed by a dog walker so hadnt been seen for 5 minutes.
Nick decided to have a look further round so he left me alone and went elsewhere for about 5 minutes. Pretty swiftly after he left, a small bird flew from some vegetation and perched on a was the Shrike! It was lacking most of its tail feathers so was certainly presenting a stumpy appearence.
I was in a pretty big rush so couldn't stay long, so I waited for Nick to come back and let him know i'd connected with the bird and to note as many features for myself. The bird even sung once which was excellent!
This is the fourth new bird for the site this year which is an impressive acheivment especially as all four have been top birds - Summer Plu Red Necked Grebe, Avocet, Fulmar(I didnt see this bird...) and a male Red Backed Shrike