Thursday, 2 August 2012

Kvismare fågelstation, Sweden - Day 21

Juvenile Little Ringed Plover
Male Ruff
Adult and juvenile Wood Sandpiper wings.

Last night, Craig and I moved 4 of our 7 nets to the other side of the flooded marsh and it paid off very well indeed! Totals for the night were:
1 Little Ringed Plover
3 Ruff
1 Common Sandpiper
9 Wood Sandpiper

The Little Ringed Plover was the first bird to go in the net and as there were some Ringed Plovers flying around calling as it hit the net, we just assumed it was a juvenile ringed plover...we got the surprise of our life when we saw that the bird has a yellow orbital ring! An incredibly cute bird and so much smaller than Ringed Plover! I regret not taking more photos of the bird as it was very interesting to see that the tertials were the same length at the primaries!
Of the 3 Ruff, I got to ring the only adult which was a stunning moulting male with a few hints of summer plumage.
We also managed to catch 2 adult Wood Sandpipers which were our first, so was really nice to see the differences between adult and juvenile. It's remarkable how different they actually are in the hand!

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