Thursday, 23 August 2012

Kvismare fågelstation, Sweden - Day 42

 1cy Ortolan Bunting
 wing, mantle and rump of a 1cy Ortolan Bunting
 Tail of 1cy Ortolan - note pointyness.
1cy Spotted Flycatcher wing. Compare to yesterday's adult. (note pale fringed uppertail coverts, and wing coverts.)

Last night we went to Vallen to do another Swallow roost and caught an impressive 160 Swallows (including 1 'control' that we ringed at Ässön a couple of weeks ago.) As a result, we were ringing until almost midnight, so I was very tired indeed this morning.
The weather was pretty poor at first light with strong winds and very heavy rain, so Craig waited until it stopped and headed off out to Öby Kulle. I made the decision to stay in bed for a couple of hours and then do data input. Craig came running in after a short while and shouted 'Zac, you might want to come to Öby. We've caught an Ortolan!'. I don't think I've ever got dressed so quickly!

Martin got to ring the bird, but I was just happy to see my first 1cy Ortolan and my first Ortolan in the hand. Very nice indeed, but I was amazed by how Pipit like the plumage was at this age.

Additional birds caught this morning were 12 Tree Pipit, Garden Warbler, 8 Willow Warbler, 3 Robin and a juvenile Spotted Flycatcher.

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