Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Kvismare fågelstation, Sweden - Day 26

Female Adder

Yearling Adder

Common Lizard

From about 13.00 yesterday until about 07.00 this morning, it didn't stop raining, so we didn't go out for CES today. As a result, we put up a couple of nets around the house and caught a small number of birds including the 2nd and 3rd Treecreepers for Kvismare 2012 which was nice.
A small burst of sun came out at lunchtime, so I decided to go for a wander around Vallen looking for snakes to photograph.
I found about 6 Adders, 1 Grass Snake and 10 Common Lizards. It's fantastic to see the variation between Adders and to get such prolonged views of some of them. The female Adder photographed above is a regular which is always in her same basking spot, so am glad to have documented her.

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