Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Babies, Babies and more Babies!

I spent the afternoon walking around eastern Bangor with Chris looking for nests. It went really well until we found 4 freshly fledged Grey Wagtail in the harbour which annoyed us massively, as we could also see the nest which they came from! I got some photos of a couple of the very tame fledglings

We managed to find several Song Thrush (above) and Blackbird nests, as well as a few Woodpigeon nests (with very large and very small chicks as well as a couple of eggs). I also found a nest by a farm that could be a Pied Wagtail, but we will need to wait til eggs are laid before we can comfortably ID it.

A really enjoyable day. I previously used to really steer clear of nesting, or Oology as it is technically called, as I found it really hard work and not very rewarding, but now I'm getting the hang of where to look and finding some active nests, it's actually quite addictive!

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