Thursday, 24 May 2012

Baillon's Crake - Malltraeth Marsh RSPB - 23rd May 2012

 (Turn up the volume very loud!)
Marc Hughes, Chris Jones, Matthew Bruce and I visited Malltraeth Marsh RSPB this evening to listen out for/see the reported Baillon's Crake the night previous. It was heard by the RSPB wardens the night before singing away like an Edible Frog! We arrived on site at 20.30 and within about 2 minutes of arrival, we heard to weird rattley croaks! Couldn't believe what I was hearing! The bird called on and off until 22.00 when it started really going for it and was heard at about 30 meters range.

I managed to gain a slightly higher vantage point looking down onto the marsh, observing a small pool in the process which looked like the best bet for getting a visual on the bird. I heard the bird call from a very specific area, followed by a quick rustle in the reeds and another call. That is the closest I got to seeing the bird. I think a return visit is in order providing it stays a while.

 A really weird feeling to know I was only 30 meteres away from a singing MEGA only a 20 minute drive from where I go to University, but I haven't yet seen it... A very educational visit indeed!

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