Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Chough part 2 - 16th May 2012

Today saw me join Tony Cross and Adrienne ringing Chough. Whilst I joined them, we visited two nests. The first nest had chicks that were too small to ring and another had 3 lovely chicks that behaved rather well, again proving that they are one of the best species to ring.
We also were able to catch 2 adults throughout the afternoon and incredibly, both were unringed, meaning I got the delight of ringing both of them. I thought the juveniles were stunning, but the adults are just incredible! There is a surprising amount of sexual dimorphism between males and females with the females being remarkably small in comparison to the hefty males. They also, unsurprisingly given that bill, pack a nasty peck. A joy to be in such close quarters with.

Thanks to Tony and Adrienne for taking me out to celebrate finishing my 2nd year exams!

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