Saturday, 28 April 2012

Nesting season! - 28th April 2012

Today I visited Kane in Atherton to begin the nest monitoring of Blue Tits for my dissertation project and it went very well with all 10 of my study boxes being occupied and with varying numbers of eggs laid.

I think cute factor has to go to the three baby Tawny Owls that were ringed in the woods. I love how sleepy and grumpy they always look (probably because they are!)
Here is one of my Blue Tit boxes with brown wool collected. It's a really exciting time and I am really happy that every single box has been used!

On the train home, I also managed to find 6 nests on stations including 4 Feral Pigeon nests, 1 Collared Dove nest and amazingly, a Magpie within the station structure! Amazing! A really enjoyable day and 4 'yearticks' in the form of Whimbrel, Ring Ouzel, Green Woodpecker and Swift.

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