Tuesday, 15 March 2011

The Window List and a letter from Finland - 15th March 2011

I received a letter through the post this morning from Finland, with regards to one of the 3 foreign-ringed Black-headed Gulls Chris Bridge and I saw in Bangor in February.
Ringing Data
Ring number: ST239892
Species: Black-headed Gull ((Chroicocephalus ridibundus)
Age: Full-grown, hatched before 2005
Ringing date: 15.04.2006
Ringing place: Turku, Turku - Pori, Finland
Coordinates: 60°29'N 22°21;E
Status: Healthy, wild bird
Catching Method: Caught with trap
Ringer: Jyrki Oja

Recovery Data
Recovery date: 08.02.2011
Recovery place: Bangor Harbour, Gwynedd, United Kingdom
Coordinates: 53°14'N 4° 7'W
Status: Alive

Elapsed time 4 years, 9 months and 23 days
Distance 1788km, direction WSW from ringing place

In other news, the weather in Bangor in the past couple of days has been superb so I have indulged in a great deal of 'Vis Mig' from my flat and bedroom window with highlights being 2 Chough flew >SSW at 15.35 on 15.03.2011 which is a 'window tick' and a very good record away from South Stack and Great Orme. Also I have had 2 Nuthatch coming to the feeders but this morning is the first time I've been able to get a photo of them as they visit once or twice a day and stay for c5 seconds. I happened to have my camera when they were present this morning. It is a real shame about the light and weather however as the photos I took were just terrible!
I have had feeders up in my garden in Preston for over 10 years now and have NEVER seen Nuthatch, yet I have had the two feeders in Bangor up for just over a month now and have got two birds! Weird!

I will be staying with Kane Brides for the next couple of days attempting to learn from the Coot catching master! As a result, I shall hopefully be blogging from Atherton!

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