Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Tawny Owl - Bangor, Gwynedd - 28th March 2011

Over the past two weeks, Chris Bridge and myself (and Kane Brides too) have heard a juvenile Tawny Owl calling at night in Bangor. We have yet to find it in the day though for the magic of a day roosting owl in the open. Whilst walking back from the pub this evening, I heard it again and decided that I would attempt to photograph it. Arriving back at the site with my camera, I fired off a couple of manual setting/rubbish photos in the direction of the bird and the above photo is the best I could manage in the dark. I was more than surprised to find on the photo that it had caught a mouse (?) which means it is an active hunter, so is presumably a healthy bird. Incredibly, this is my first ever juvenile Tawny Owl, so it's nice to get a photo of one.

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