Thursday, 17 March 2011

My Coot Initiation - 17th March 2011

A morning was spent at Redesmere near Macclesfield with Kane Brides helping him on probably his last Coot catching session of the 2010/2011 winter. Within about 2 minutes arriving onsite, Kane had handcaught a bird which was handed to me to colour-ring. This was my first ever colour ring and my first ever Coot. Both of which left an impression on me, particularly the Coot as I am still harbouring the effects of an 'angry' Coot!
'My' bird now has the ring combination of Black, Red, Red (Right leg - Black over BTO, Left leg - Red over Red). This was the only bird we colour-ringed due to lack of available colour combinations left with the rings Kane had with him.

I had a go at hand-catching both Coot and Tufted Duck, the latter being underwater when you 'grab' them, which I surprisingly found easier. I however failed with both species, so I am, sadly, yet to pass my Coot-initiation.
Kane was however able to catch a stunning male Tufted Duck and a further 5 Coot including 2 recaptures which we checked biometrics of the birds after a hard winter.
I didn't expect them to be such a handful, but I love them for it!
The Coot Master - Obi Wan Kaneobi!
This stunning male Mandarin came incredibly close to the hands of Kane Brides, but sadly, this is as close a view I could get. I'm not complaining though as the picture speaks for itself...stunning!
I really enjoyed my first Coot-catching session, even if I am yet to catch one for myself. It was nice to get to grips with some larger species and be able to use larger rings (F - Tufted Duck. G - Coot). I will certainly be eager to have another go next winter and get a handful of Fulica atra! In the meantime, thank you to Kane for letting me do the ringing and also putting up with me for two days!
For those of you not aware of Kane Brides' Colour Ringed Coot Project, please visit - for more details and information about where to report any you find.

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Stu said...

Man, the Mandarins here must be the shyest duck species in Japan..........that's a great photo and I'm very envious........