Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kick-starting the Summer - 27th March 2011

Staying at Kane Brides' last night after the Gull catch, we awoke mid-morning to go a check a Woodpigeon nest to see if they were ready to ring as Pulli. Kane climbed the tree and came to the conclusion that they were ready and I was soon handed two 'interesting' looking Woodpigeon chicks. They aren't the prettiest birds at this age, but this was my first pulli so was excited all the same. During the morning we also saw a day roosting Tawny Owl which, if I had my camera, would have made potentially the best photo I have ever taken... Sods law! Whilst enjoying a lovely cup of tea in Kane's conservatory, we spotted a flock of Starling-like birds fly past and land in a tree at the base of his garden. There was something about them that made me put bins on them and sure enough there were 13 lovely Waxwings feeding at the top of the tree. Closer inspection saw one of the birds being colour-ringed which is the same bird Kane saw in Horwich earlier in the year!

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