Saturday, 3 September 2011

Swallow Roost - Worsely, Gtr Manchester - 3rd September 2011

Photo: Kane Brides

Regular readers of this blog will note that I haven't done any ringing at all for almost 2 months since the Long-Eared Owls back on 12th July.
Similarly, it has been just as long since I last saw Kane, so It was nice to catch up with him this evening in Worsley, Gtr Manchester for a Swallow roost at a reedbed.

We caught 51 birds which were ringed by Jenny and myself. This was the first time I've handled 'adult' Swallow, so it was a lovely experience, particularly the 2 adult males that I ringed.

Thanks to Kane for the invite and to Steve Christmas for letting me come along.

It's good to be back with some pliers in my hands

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