Thursday, 8 September 2011

Sabine's Gull - Heysham Harbour - 8th September 2011

After an early start at Brockholes produceing a blank on pretty much anything except a light Mipit movement, I was more than eager to go and see a Sabine's Gull when I found it was lingering in Heysham Harbour. This is a bird I have only seen once back in October 2001, long before my proper birding days so I was keen to be able to fully appreciate one in the flesh.Adult Sabine's Gull - Heysham Harbour/Outfalls
Arriving at the Outfalls late afternoon, I got the briefest of glimpses of the classic white wedge in the wing of an adult Sabine's Gull. Result, it was still present!
Over the next 20 minutes, I was able to get some wonderful views of this truly beautiful bird as it made several visits into the harbour itself passing at c30feet away from me at eye level. I don't care who you are, if you get close up views of an adult (or indeed a juvenile) Sabine's Gull, you have to agree that they are stunning birds.

Also present on the outfalls and in the surrounding area were several juvenile and moulting adult Arctic Tern plus a few Common Terns and a single Sandwich Tern
My personal highest count of 15 Mediterranean Gull was an added bonus that I wasn't expecting (well, not in those numbers anyway!)
aswell as 2 Little Gull which blended into the 'crowd' and took a while to pick out.

Even at a decent range, the classic wing pattern of the Sabine's Gull stands out a mile off. I can't wait for that day when I am scanning a rough sea and this sight appears in my scope...phwarrr!

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Stu said...

Great day for Gulls and Terns, I've never seen a Sabines Gull and can count the number of Med Gulls I've seen on one finger of one hand.........