Tuesday, 27 September 2011

GREAT Orme - 27h September 2011

My second visit to the Great Orme in two days produced this delightful juvenile Dotterel on the north west side of the Orme. My first visit produced very little apart from lots of common migrants with the highlight being 2 Common Crossbill.
This is my first juvenile Dotterel, and this is the first time I've been able to get such amazing views which allowed me to get the incredible images above and below (I don't even care if I'm blowing my own trumpet!)
The wonderful weather we are experiencing at the moment means that butterflies are out in force and I saw 3 very late Graylings. This is rather peculiar however as thyone Grayling which is an endemic subspecies should be finished by mid-July. I noted that it was very small compared to the nominate race, so maybe this is a second brood due to the hot weather!?
Southern Hawker was taking advantage of the beautiful weather too as this frequented the bramble around Powell's well.
A day to remember!

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Joseph Nichols said...

Stunning shots Zac - a nice read and a great bird, well done!