Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Sunday Tryngites! - 18th September 2011

I just couldn't stay away! I NEEDED to get some more views of this wonderful wonderful bird! I made the trip late morning with Matthew 'Brucey' Bruce from Bangor to Junction.
The bird was instantly present and I was able to fire off a few shots as it fed in front of the boardwalk at Conwy RSPB. I would have loved to get some digiscoped pictures, as the scope views were just incredible! You could even see the sparkle in its eye! (Sorry...I'm waffling)
It seemed so happy at the reserve that it even sat down for a short time!
It took flight and flew left to right in front of the screen showing off its pristine white underwing and landed even closer which allowed me to scrutinise the bird and note down the features that separate it from an adult bird.
A most enjoyable revisited twitch!

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