Saturday, 19 April 2008

Sizergh Castle's Hawfinchs - 19th April 2008

After hearing about 10 Hawfinch showing at Sizergh Castle in the last few weeks and their peak time coming to a close, It was an almost priority to get some views of the Beasts!

When We first arrived there were 3 other birders there and they had had 1 up to 5 minutes before we got there. Within about 5 minutes we spotted 3 on the gravel at the back of the carpark...a little distant but a good start.

Using the word Distant is quite a good word for the whole experience in the Car Park. We had up to 6 at one point but the closest i was able to get was about 20 meters before a gust of wind or something similar flushed them. Near the end of the vist, I decided to try and 'hide' quite close to the area they were feeding in the hope that they may be oblivious to my presence. In 10 minutes I only saw two and these flew right above my head at c7 meter height.

You would have thought close flying calling burds would be educational, but in fact it just proved that if they were in the area you were in a wood somewhere you would only really be able to locate them if you saw movement as their call s so quiet and non-descript!

It was a truly enjoyable experience if not distant views, but I would certainly recommend you go (before 11am though as the cafe opens so there is a lot of people!)

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