Monday, 14 April 2008

Avocet - Sowerby, Fylde - 14th April 2008

Avocet on Flood at Sowerby
Montage of Distant 1st of the year Whimbrel

With news of an Inland Avocet only c7 miles from my house (cycling distance!) I was alert to see if the bird would stay around. With the first sighting being at 08.40, news of the bird being still present at 10.05 was certainly a welcome releif.
The Journey was harder than I remembered, especially when your cattying 10kg of Birding Gear!
On arrival, it didnt take long to get my breath back and get my first sighting of the bird on the flood. It was roosting which was a disappointment because at the distance it was and considering the heat haze, the record shots would be pointless if the bird wasn't feeding.
AS 83 Curlew flew in, the bird suddenly took flight, a gasp came from my mouth, but the bird only moved about 10 meters and began feeding.
A great bird, and a nice Fylde tick. Also onsite I noted my first wimbrel of the year (see montage which just shows the head markings if you look closely on the thumbnail) and a Black Tailed Godwit which appeared an extremely worn Limosa.

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