Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Ross's Gull - Fairhaven Lake/Granny's Bay, Lancashire - 29th April 2008

You know what they say...4th times the charm! It's taken me so long to see it, and I must say; It was worth the wait!
I managed to get home from School (after ICT till 16.30 :[) at 17.00, which allowed me to get to Fairhaven for 18.15 (I had to wait for my mum to get home ofcourse!)
initially, it didn't look good with conker sized Rain Drops and Thunder and Lightning over head, there was not a birder in sight.
As the last report was at 15.10 1/2 east of Fairhaven Lake, I thought I would be best heading along the coastal path. Catching up with 4 male Wheatear and a lovely Grey Plover, I thought I may as well scan to where I was heading - 'nothing, nothing...ooh! a Gull...OOH! Thats it!' A frantic Run of c300 meters with my 10kg Birding gear, which has now payed its tole with a pulled Rib muscle :S.

It spent 15 minutes feeding along side an Oystercatcher and allowed me to obtain some personally excellent record shots, and therefore excellent views of one of my Top 5 target Stonkers!


Nick Patel said...

Excellent composure in all of the Ross's Pics - Nice one! (glad you got it, it's a great looking gull in it)

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