Thursday, 19 July 2012

Kvismare fågelstation, Sweden - Day 7

juvenile Thrush Nightingale and juvenile Robin
This morning's CES was very slow indeed with only 16 new birds caught in 6 hours! This did however include 4 juvenile Thrush Nightingale which, from a British birders perspective, can hardly be included in a slow morning's ringing! The lack of quantity allowed me to really look at the finer detail of this species including the stunning vermiculations on the breast and the much darker colour of tail and body compared to the Common Nightingale I have seen before. I am yet to see an adult up close, so am excited for this day and they are a bird I would love to find in Britain.
Other birds from the morning included, Reed Warbler, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Garden Warbler, Robin, Blackbird, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Reed Bunting and Chaffinch.

One thing that I've noticed whilst being in Sweden is that the Blue Tits are MASSIVE! I've had birds with wings over 70mm which is crazy when I'm used to 59's in Britain and the female Blackbirds seem different in this county being darker and appear to have white 'souls' of their feet which really stands out.

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