Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Kvismare fågelstation, Sweden - Day 13

(presumed 3CY) Black Kite

Last night, Craig, Jalle, Jasper and I went out to a new wader site and stayed out with 7 nets up until 1am. We didn't catch anything! We came back to get an hours sleep and then head off out to Åsen for some migrant catching at 3am. Craig made the decision that it would be worth catching up on our sleep, so Jalle and I woke up at 9.15 and headed into the garden to do a spot of raptor watching as the sun was very strong and there was a light wind. It wasn't too long before we caught sight of a silhouette of a distant bird that looked like a cross between a Marsh Harrier and Osprey in heavy moult. I got Jalle onto the bird and it was soon evident we were looking at a Black Kite. It was getting closer so I ran inside and shouted Craig to get him onto the bird. As the bird got closer, I could see it was going to go right over the field 'next door'. I ran to there and managed to get lots of photos as it flew low overhead.
We have come to the conclusion that the bird is probably a 3rd calender year bird based on the largely adult plumage with hint of pale flecking on some feathers of the upperwing, tatty tail, orangey-brown eye rather than dark-brown or yellow (not a proven feature yet) and apparent pointed round primary coverts (instead of very round in adults). Comments more than welcome...
In addition to this, I had fantastic views of a Honey Buzzard that briefly flew low over of house coming from behind trees and then 5 seconds later over some more trees. I didn't have chance to get a photo, but it appeared to be an adult female. Stunning bird with very strange appearance with the bright yellow eye.
Ringing today was few and far between catching only 4 birds, but one of these birds was a juvenile male Redstart...stunning! My first Redstart in the hand and a real joy to handle!
Today was very hot indeed and insects were every! This Ruddy Darter was nice.

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