Monday, 9 April 2012

Purple Patch - 9th April 2012

I would have liked to have spent today scanning for Osprey at Brockholes, but the persistant rain only let off for a about an hour early afternoon, which produced nothing. I did however set up camp in the M6 Motorway hide and before long, I picked up a tern that briefly took flight and landed on the island with all the gulls. It was a Sandwich Tern! The bird remained on the island for 15 minutes, before flying off SW, allowing me to get this above record shot with my mobile phone.
An hour or two later, heavy rain started and I began scanning the gulls to see if the 'resident' Med Gulls had dropped in. A small gull flew past the back of the gull-flock which turned out to be a 2cy Little Gull. Fantastic! This bird stayed for at least 40 minutes before I left the site, so could still be there now.
In addition to these fantastic birds, I also saw my first Willow Warbler singing of the year, and a female Wheatear on No1 island.

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