Sunday, 18 March 2012

Get your Woodcock Out!

I have finally got out with Chris WOODC Bridge and Rob Sandham lamping at Glanwydden Lane. Almost as soon as we entered the field, Chris got onto a Woodcock and within a few minutes, his net was descending onto the little beauty! Chris allowed me to ring it, which I was most grateful because I've never even seen a Woodcock on the ground, let alone in the hand! It appears that I timed the visit very well because previous visits have produced 17 Woodcock in the field alone, whereas tonight there was only 2, so they have nearly all moved off to their breeding grounds in Scandanavia.
Moving onto another site, we failed to see any more Woodcocks, but Chris hilariously managed to attract a Woodpigeon down from the top of a 50 foot tree! Very impressive!

A very enjoyable night and a big thanks to Chris for catching the birds and to Rob for doing the driving.

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