Sunday, 23 September 2007

Weekend in Somerset with Worcestershire Grand Finale! - Lynton and Lynmoth, Somerset - 21-23 September 2007

Above & Below - Raven
A Weekend trip to Lynmoth & Lynton In Somertet, saw myself trying to get the most of the Sea Side Town.
With SW erly winds predicted I was very exited. Unfortunatly the winds and in fact the weather proved to be 'dampners' on the weekend, with SEerly and Sunny throughtout.
We travellend on the Friday, but not much birding was done as the main object for the weekend was to attend my Dad's Best Mates Wedding.
I was out the house on the Saturday at 06.30hrs in order to get First Light Seawatching done. This proved pretty dissapointing with the only sea Birds being Gannet. Ravens were obvious around the 'Valley Of the Rocks'. Aswell as a constant chorus of Migrating Medow Pipit.
On the walk back to the accomadation, I noted a Wheater, which ofcourse, is always nice to see!
Again throughout the day, not a lot of Birding was done, but a quick Cliff top Railway trip to the Harbour at Lynmouth was nice. In the Harbour itself, I noted Rock Pipit, Grey Wag, Great Black Backed Gull, and yet more Raven.

Rock Pipit
06.30hrs again, but this time I was to walk down to the Harbour and see what the Sea Watching was like there. Straight away I managed to see a flock of 8 Scaup which proved to be the best thing of the Sea Watch as again, Only Gannet seemed to be Oblivious to the Wind conditions.
A Real Suprise was a Dipper on the Harbour Entrance Confluence to the River. This was then joined by a group of 6 Rock Pipit, and strangely 8 Robin feeding on the Low Tide Harbour floor.
On Arrival back Home, I was informed of a Bird that I may be able to see on the Journey Back by Bill Aspin....

Above & Below - Wilsons Phalarope

1 of 2 Curlew Sandpiper

I Thick on arrival at Upton Warren Flash in Worcestershire I was oblivious now to the Dissapointment of the Sea Watching. As well as this, It made up for the Dip of the Wilson's in Co. Durham back in August. It's amazing when you look through your scope and see a new species for the first time. No matter how experienced you are, It always gives you a buzz! No Only was it a was a Year Tick, and my 200th Bird of the year! Also on site were 2 Curlew Sandpiper and a Dunlin. The Curlew Sands were also Year Tick so I ended the Trip with 201 under my Belt.

I made a Trip list whilst I was there, and considering I didn't use the car apart from the To and From Journeys, i was pleased with a very respectable 64.

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