Thursday, 20 September 2007

Very Lucky Escape! - Longsands - 20th September 2007

I was cycling home from Football at school when I heard a bang, just outside my house as a car went by. The car continued on, but on close inspection, I noticed a lump in the road. It was a Male House Sparrow.
I thought it had been killed, as you would expect, but suddenly it turned its head towards me as I got close. I was shocked beyond belief!
As It was in the middle of the Road, I took it into my Garden where I made sure the wings were ok, and plopped him onto my Bird Table. Enitially the Bird just sat there watching me as I stared through my Lounge window.
The Bird took off suddenly towards the trees in my garden, as was seen later on least I think it was him!! :)

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