Sunday, 16 September 2007

Hopeful 'Vis' watch, Longsands, Preston - 16th September 2007

With names like Booted Eagle, White Rumped Swift, and even Pacific Swift appearing on the 'Pagers' throughout the day, I felt the need to do a bit is Visible Migration watching from my house.Unfortunatly non of the above were seen, as you'd expect, but what was seen:

Kestrel - 1 >E, Magpie - 1 >W, Woodpigeon - 3 >SW, 1 >E, Lesser Blackback - 1 >W, Black Headed gull - 6 >W, House Martin - 24 >S, Feral Pigeon - 3 >S, Chaffinch - 6 >SW ,Meadow Pipit - 1 >NE, Swallow 8 >S, Carrion Crow - 2 >E ,Rook - 2 >W, Starling - 3 >W

Also - Briefly the sun came out, and I watched 2 Greenfinch Fly >S and drop out of the Sky in to my Garden

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