Wednesday, 8 July 2015

New kit to test!

In early August 2013, my Canon 40D got an error 99 message whilst at Blackpool Airshow. I was just about to go to the Scillies on holiday and was a bit gutted as I had to take my previous d-SLR, my 30D. I got on pretty well with it when I was there and decided not to bother getting my 40D fixed (mainly a financial and laziness thing) and kept using my 30D. Up until 2015, I was fairly happy with it, but then using my 100-400 and 30D next to friends of mine who used the same lens and more up to date bodies, I realised how much I was 'slumming' it with the 30D which is 9 years old now! Though I don't need the best of the best as I'm not planning on winning competitions, I do enjoy getting good photos and also need a d-SLR to make sure I can sufficiently document any good birds I see or find.
Having been in my job for over 6 months now and only really spent my money on petrol money, I felt it was time for an upgrade prior to my summer holiday to Scilly (how about that!) focussing on pelagic birding.
I got myself something I can hopefully use for several years to come - Canon EOS 7D MkII. It's a great bit of kit and I took it to Pennington Flash on my way home from work this evening to have a quick test and I must say, I'm very impressed!
I've put up a selection photos to show the detail it captures. Hope you like

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