Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Meandering back to Preston - 14th July 2015

 Popped into Orwell in Cambridgeshire on the way back from Norfolk and after less than two minutes on site, a Quail started calling. Shortly after, a second called and I picked it up in flight as it moved a bit closer to the second. It landed at the edge of the barley and started singing again and then wandered out into the open! It walked back in and started singing again, so I moved round to the left of the field and got in a position where I could see it and also get a reasonable record shot. A rare opportunity to see one of Britain's most elusive birds.
 The Red-footed Falcon has been showing wonderfully over the weekend, but I was more interested in the Black Redstart that was onsite which was a yeartick for me, so I popped in to see that and also to pay homage to the falcon again. I was not disappointed! The light was hideous, but the views were stunning and I am still really happy with the photos I got.

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