Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Filley O'Fisk on the Fylde - 18th January 2015

 Great day out on Sunday with Jonnie Fisk around the Fylde. It began at Rossall Point where Jonnie got a lifer in the form of the long-staying Shore Lark. It performed remarkably well and even started feeding with Turnstone at one point!
After this we moved onto Knott End where we came across the Twite flock. These lifted form the marsh and landed on a hotel roof which was novel!
Next we went to Cocker's Dyke and joined an assembled crowd of 20 to see the juvenile Pomarine Skua which had been present for six days or so and wasn't looking in the best of shape, feeding on dead Mallard, Pigeon and Common Gull. The skua had what seemed to be a broken left wing, but as it was flying ok the day before, I wonder how this happened? It was an extremely showy bird though and therefore very educational indeed. A shame to see such a powerful predator in such a vulnerable state. As we were about to leave a wild swan flock flew over mainly consisting of 15 Whoopers, but 2 Bewick's added extra excitement. Always a pleasure to see
Finally, we headed to south Fylde and saw the end longer staying Great Grey Shrike which showed really nicely, despite the unforgiving photographic conditions!
Outside of the Fylde, we ended the day at Parsonage Reservoir where we saw the juvenile Great Northern Diver which is always a nice bird to see, especially in land and in Lancashire.
Great day.

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