Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Another Sunday. Another trip round the Fylde - 25th January 2015

Second calendar year Pomarine Skua
adult Mediterranean Gull
4th calendar year Iceland Gull

Had a nice jaunt out on Sunday around the Fylde again to pay homage to the Pomarine Skua. After seeing photos of it flying around last week, I was hoping it had made some crazy recovery, but it seemed to be in the same condition when I saw it on Sunday, so perhaps if just a wing strain rather than a break. Also present were an adult Med Gull and a cracking flock of 120+ Twite.
I then went down to Lytham crematorium and saw a single Ring-necked Parakeet. 
I ended the day at Marton Mere looking for the Long-eared Owls, but was unsuccessful. I was repaid for my efforts by a cracking 3rd winter Iceland Gull which dropped onto the mere for less than a minute! Very lucky indeed.
The Big Garden Birdwatch also saw me see a Blackcap, so that was four yearticks in a day. Not bad!

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