Monday, 2 September 2013

Back to school? - Garden Ringing - 2nd September 2013

 Juvenile House Sparrow
 Full Post-juvenile Moult
 Juvenile Goldfinch (my first in the hand of this age prior to post juvenile moult)
Juvenile Blackbird

This afternoon I did some ringing in the garden which happens to be my first ringing for 2 months! Shocking, but I'm afraid to say I broke one of my mist-net poles at my last session and a replacement has only just arrived.
Anyway, it was a quiet session with only three birds, but all were juveniles that were in the process of moulting into '1st winter' plumage. It was interesting to see the juvenile House Sparrow undergoing it's post-juvenile moult as, unlike most passerine species, it undergoes a complete post-juvenile moult which means that 1st winter birds can't be identified by plumage characters as they replace all their feathers making them pretty much identical to adults (with the exception of eye colour as used in Scandanavia etc). In addition, House Sparrow is new to my C permit license, which was nice.

Hope to be out again the next two days as it seems pretty settled

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