Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's about time! 'Iceland Gull - Brockholes Wetland LWT - 12th April 2011'

The title above has surely been on the mind of all Brockholes 'patchers' for the last few years, particularly since the Preston Docks bird has wintered this year. I got a text at 11.35 saying '2cy Iceland Gull on No1 11.34'...by 11.36 I had realised I had not car available, so had already got my bike out of the garage. Readers of my blog from the start back in 2007 will remember that I used to cycle to Brockholes regularly from my home in Longsands, but that hasn't been the case for over 2 years now. To cut a long story short, upon my arrival, I was dead! I met up with John Wright and Tony Disley on the 'dash' to No1 where the gull was still present and provided pleasing scope views, but the distance proved a little too far for anything like a decent shot of the bird, so had to settle with the photos above as it flew towards the workings on the other side of the M6.

Meeting up with Bill Aspin who also managed to twitch the bird just in time, he said it did exactly what him and the other regulars had predicted, which was to drop in with the northernly migrating Lesser Black-backs.
A long overdue site first and a nice find by Pete Bainbridge and Robin Shenton. A nostalgic morning for myself too with the cycle and meeting up with regulars whom I haven't seen for sometime...it's good to be back where I belong!

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