Monday, 4 October 2010

Yellow Browed ''Warbler'' - Soldiers Point, Holyhead, N.Wales - 4th October 2010

Yellow Browed Warbler
This fantastic bird was found around 12.30 so I was keen to twitch it with Chris Bridge. We got the 13.32 train and arrived onsite by c14.45. No birders onsite and no sign of the warbler didn't give us much hope, so we decided to have a random wander around suitable habitat. We began to give up hope and almost decided to call it a day. Walking past the Breakwater Entrance Gate, I saw a flitting out of my periphery and Binocs went straight up: 'Ello...That's it!!'
Result! It was a stunning bird that performed beautifully for us for at least 10 minutes. Chris even managed to get some digiscoped pictures of it (That's how good it was behaving!)
This was a year tick for both of us, and it was Chris' 250th bird of the year! (my 203rd)
The bird sadly remained silent throughout our visit (hence the speech marks around ''Warbler'', as it wasn't living up to its name!)

Checking the internet, I was sadly not able to turn it into a Hume's Leaf Warbler, but i couldn't care less as Yellow Browed Warbler is my 2nd favourite bird and today proved that. What a bird!

(For more, check out Chris Bridge's blog)


Derek Gallagher said...

Nice find Zac, looks like you've chosen the right uni with some interesting birds near lately.

Anne said...