Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Seawatch - Colwyn Bay - 19th October 2010

Finishing lectures at 11am, I decided to head off to Colwyn Bay for a sea watch as the weekend predicted particularly good winds for the Liverpool bay region. Sadly, the winds weren't as perfect as first hoped, so I lost any hope of getting a petrel or 2.

Arriving at c12.35, I set up camp to the east of Colwyn Pier and began scanning the open sea. It was not long before I picked up a gull with an unusual flight with quite stiff wings and determined flight. It was a 1st winter Mediterranean Gull flying west.
The rain began to set in so visibility was down, however I managed to pick up several Razorbill and countless Cormorant aswell as a smattering of Shag.

I was scoping a flock of buoyant scoter at quite a distance, when i picked up a large dark bird flying through them. It was a Great Skua (yeartick) which flew west showing off all it's distinctive characteristics, the brown plumage, pot bellied appearance and striking white wing flash in the base of the primaries.

The seawatch became quite quiet after this with only a Common Tern to keep me interested. I again picked up a dark bird flying west through the scoter flock and quickly was breathtaken by a barrel chest, strong flight, small (but obvious) white wings flash, and unbelievably...spoons! It was a dark morph adult Pomarine Skua (yeartick) which I watched critically until it disappeared behind Rhos Point. With nothing likely to beat this bird, I decided 30 minutes later to call it a day and head off home.

An enjoyable seawatch with 2 yearticks under my belt

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