Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Velvet Scoter - Barrow Lodge, East Lancashire - 23rd December 2009

A female/immature Velvet Scoter turned up on what appears to be a coastal magnet! Barrow Lodge is currently no larger than a garden pond as 3/4 of the lake is frozen over. Even so, there is a large population of mallard that have certainly been welcoming to the scoter. This is my first inland Velvet Scoter and also the first record for East Lancashire. The Bird fed actively only 10 feet away throughout my visit. A superb bird and a fabulous Christmas Present to all East Lancashire Birders who get a chance to see it before it decides to have more of a seafood dinner.
Female/immature Velvet Scoter.

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Joseph Nichols said...

Hey Zac, well done on the Velvet Scoter, that's quite an unusual bird to see in land!

You have a great writing style and you are a great photographer, please keep this blog of yours up! For others to appreciate it, I have linked it to my list of blog links and I am also following your blog.

Have a good christmas,