Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Ring Necked Duck - ICI Thornton, Lancashire - 29th December 2009

Drake Ring Necked Duck
The Fylde has created a very good end to 2009 with 2 lifers in 2 days! A text from the Fylde Bird Club news team just after lunch caused me to put a hold on revision and put my Megane into race mode. Soon enough I was parked in a carpark full of the cars of the Fylde regulars. A 1/2 mile walk to the ICI tank was rewarded instantly as there were about 10 scopes all trained on a group of aythyas. The bird was immediately recognisable with its brilliant white patch on the flanks and grey towards the rear. I arrived after the light was going and the drake had decided that it has shown off to the crowds for long enough and the views above of it roosting were the same thoughout my visit. Scope views were excellent however and my photos do not do justice to how striking even when roosting, this bird was. Great bird and a fine way to end 2009 and my 2009 fylde year list on 161.


Colin Bushell said...

Didn't waste much time getting that one Zac! Well done.

Zac Hinchcliffe said...

haha, I made a wise choice in signing up to the Fylde bird text alert network...