Saturday, 22 March 2008

Kittiwake - Brockholes Quarry - 22nd March 2008

Personally I can't think of anything much more satisfying than finding your own Kittiwake at your own patch! This is what happened after being on Kittiwake duty down at the Quarry afte Bill Aspins trio at Fishmoor and single this morning.

I arrived at 10.00 and met Roy Lambert on Main pool where we observed the same two redshank present yesterday. I light heartidly mentioned how I was on Kittiwake duty, and rushed off to no1 when I was satisfied there was nothing much on Main pool. I set up my scope on No1 and the first bird I saw was a Kittiwake! Fantastic

The Bird spent 1 hour 40 resting and bathing which was viewed by myself and Roy Lambert, shortly followed by the 'Kittiwaked out' Bill Aspin (5 birds in less than 24 hours on local waters!)

Me and Bill watched it before it headed SW at 11.45. According to Bill it was not seen by 12.00 after this flight.

I left so that I could get to Blackpool to see the Grandparents, where we ventured to see River dance...our local celebrity!

Here I managed to get a Little Gull flying North, 2 Kittiwake blogging and 4 Eider flying North. Also I enjoyed watching a rather entertaining pair of 'crazy eyed' Dogs.

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