Thursday, 20 March 2008

'Damp' Squib? - 20th March 2008

What can be described as equipment ruining weather, I spent the morning walking the edges of no1 pit with Bill Aspin, envious of his water proof trousers and camera cover... Because the wind was coming in off the sea, it was very cold and till powerful as it followed the river inland towards the quarry. It was so bad, I had an extremely tense 2 hours afterwards desperately trying methods to get the assembled water out of my virtually brand new lens...Lukily, with help from my brother we did it, and have now fashioned a camera cover out of a surpless Raincoat sleeve until further notice XD
Birds seen were not as exiting as hoped, with previous weather like this bringing in Short Eared Owl, Little Gull, Kittiwake, Rock Pipit, Knot, and even Common Scoter.

We managed a Dunlin flying in from the west as I was leaving the site.
LRP on No1.
39 Sand Martin
93 Canada Geese.
And it was incredible that even in weather such as this 2+ Skylarks were singing!

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