Monday, 18 February 2008

Testing the SLR - 18th February 2008

I spent about 40 mins trying to take some photo's in my Back Garden, this wasn't wise as I was wearing very light clothing in -1oC so I was pretty cold when I got back in the house. i only managed to see five species in the Garden whilst I was out but I only took pictures of Robin, Blackbird and Blue tit. I have adjusted the sharpness on the camera and I am now quite happy with the results!


Anna Simpson said...

Some very good pictures there well done.
I take wildlife photographs as well, I use Abobe Photoshop to change the contrast of my photos. Do you have this program?

On-firecrest said...

How did you get so close to the blue tit? Where you holding to the camera or is it a massive crop?

Zac Hinchcliffe said...

The Head shot certainly is a massive crop!

but the others are only slight crops, they are used to my presence in my garden. I bet if Blue tits were rare in Britain there would be such massive crowds at a twitch. they really are amazing birds