Monday, 26 November 2007

Waddington Fell and Heysham Harbour, Lancs - 26th Novemeber 2007

Waddington Fell

Waddington Fell.
Upon arrival they was little doing with only a couple of singing Male Red Grouse in the Heather. After about 45 minutes we drove up towards Newton and before long I spotted the 1st Winter Great Grey Shrike on the Wires. It moved all the way back up to my original position and at 11.20 it flew across to the Waddington Fell Quarry. A fantastic individual that was a British Lifer.

Heysham Harbour.

Finally! I have seen Mediterannean Gulls at Heysham! No Matter how many times I go to Heysham Harbour I just cannot see Med Gulls! A 2nd Winter and an Adult changed all this. Also a Purple Sandpiper was feeding along the North Harbour Wall whilst the Meds were Patrolling, which is a great Bird for the County, and it's certainly exiting that there are two here and at least 1 further up the coast at Morcambe. 4 Red Breasted Merganser were feeding on the Millpond like sea and the Group of c1200 Knot above put on quite a display.

A Thoroughly Enjoyable day, even though I have just found out that of I had gone to my original location - Scarborough, I may have seen a Desert Wheatear but I dont Care...Meds Rule all!

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Nick Patel said...

The Shrikes a beautiful bird isn't it. Nice shots of the Med gulls, i haven't got any that close up!