Sunday, 26 August 2007

Autumn migration begins in Longsands, Preston - 26th August 2007

Lesser Whitethroat
Coal Tit
A fantastic hour from 08.30-09.30 produce a migratory flock of tits and tag alongs! This flock was feeding on the silver birch and feeders in my garden.
Birds consisted of 14 Blue tit, 8 Great Tit, 4 Coal Tit (by no means common in my garden) and a Long Tailed Tit (again, irregular) This flock which I initially saw was really good, but it was not until I started trawling through the leaves of the Birch, that I found a Willow Warbler, then a second. Next to come was a fantastic Lesser Whitethroat (a Garden Tick, and a bird I struggle to see easily) the birds calmed down for a while until i checked another Willow Warbler, and noticed the round head, not too obvious Supercillium, and black legs, to make it a Chiffchaff. Finally the bird that pleased my parents more than anything was a juvenile Bullfinch (5th Site record)
A Truly fantastic Hour and one I shall remember for a long while. I' glad I have some photo's to share!
(P.S. I am still glued to my garden as I did hear a possible Spotted Flycatcher, but I won't get greedy!)

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