Friday, 17 August 2007

Autumn begins at Brockholes Quarry - 17th August 2007

Pesumed immature Little Egret

Little Egret is a traditional bird for August at the Quarry, but with such deep water and vedgetation on any islands at the moment, I would have thought that they would be reluctant to land. However this is not the case, as an Immature was found early afternoon by Robin Shenton on the former compound on the flooded scrape with 2 Grey Heron.
I managed to see the bird at 18.09-18.30, although I arrived at 17.00.
During the period of 17.00-18.09, I looked elsewhere around the site and came across a flock of 31 Linnet, although suddenly I noticed a call - 'twiite'. I picked out the bird with my binocs by the lack of white in the primaries. It was a Twite - a patch tick, and quite an exiting one at that. Annoying the birds were quite flighty and before I got chance to get a decent view of them landed, they flew south west towards the compound.

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