Thursday, 26 July 2007

Common Scoter - Brockholes Quarry, Lancs SD585305 - 25th July 2007

Above and Below - Female Common Scoter - Main Pool, Brockholes Quarry

Another decent personal find this year and my second Scoter. A Female suprised me as I was making a WeBs Count onsite to help with the onsite bird report later in the year. I suddenly noticed a bird that was not the Mallard I had counted it to be, no, It was a Female Common Scoter - the 5th Site record, but 26th individual(due to the Flock of 22 on 6th August 2006)
Apart from the two records I have found this year, the others have all been on No1, but both of mine have come from Main pool, which I can see why at the moment due to the Main Pool being as deep as an Ocean...well it could be for all we know, as there are virtually no islands, unlike this time last year when main pool had the odd little puddle!

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