Friday, 3 February 2017

White-billed Diver - Woodhall Spa - 22nd January 2017

It's not everyday an inland White-billed Diver turns up and by no means is it every day one turns up 20 minutes from your house! That's exactly what happened when this 1st winter bird graced the River Witham just north of Kirkstead Bridge in late-Janaury just into February.
I saw an adult with full summer plumage off Portsoy on the day Danni and I met in Scotland, so it was nice to see this juvenile so close to home with her (and the dog!).
Like most inland divers, seaducks and grebes, this was particularly bold and didn't really seem bothered by humans pointing expensive tubes at it and allowed for wonderful viewing. A great bird and one I've been back to see since, along with half of the birding world!

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