Friday, 16 October 2015

I can't stay away from Spurn - 13th October 2015

 I couldn't stay away! I was going to drop Jonnie off at a station, but I decided that I needed another day at Spurn. We met Danni there, but with an increased wind, it was certainly harder work. The Goldcrests were obviously still there, but you had to work harder for them with a group of about 20 in a patch of sea aster on humberside near to the Crown.

The Richard's Pipit was showing a lot better today and the scope views were excellent.
I popped up to Easington strait to look for the American Golden Plover and none of the 15 assembled birders had seen it since it flew off with some Lapwings. I scanned the other side of the road and found it within about 10 seconds which I found hilarious. This was a lifer for Danni whom I nipped into Kilnsea to collect to twitch it. 

 Sammy's was quiet but really enjoyable to watch the Goldcrest feeding on anything and landing on anything including Danni's lens! Our trip here was cut short with the reappearance of the previous day's Bluetail in the Triangle near Well Field. We successfully twitched this and it was nice to get in the field views of this super bird that was once one of the holy grails in British Birding. Great end to a great set of birding days!

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