Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Scilly Pelagics - Day 5 - 10th August 2015

 My last full day on Scilly and there was an evening pelagic that I wasn't booked on to. Long story short, I was boarding the pelagic at 16:55!
There was a nice breeze and as we were close our chumming location, Bob spotted a Great Skua on the water, so we slowed down and tried to approach it. As we did, a Sooty Shearwater appeared from behind the boat. As it moved round, at passed a second shearwater and too our surprise it was a Great Shearwater! What a manic 10 seconds and needless to say, the skua and sooty were instantly ignored as a Great Shearwater was circling the boat!
Throughout the pelagic, a further 5 Great Shearwater appeared and one stuck around the boat in our slick for about 40 minutes and coming so close to the boat, many cameras couldn't actually focus as it fought with the gulls for tid bits and dived for food (who knew they did that?!)

The views were phenomenal and it was a wonderful end to a wonderful set of pelagics. One of my favourite holidays in my favourite place in the world.

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