Monday, 28 July 2014

Arnside Knott - 25th July 2014

Alex still needed the Arnside Knott specialities and after a very very long week with fieldwork and my Masters, he invited me along for some respite.
On the way there, I thought Alex might never have seen White-letter Hairstreak, so just before it was too late, I quickly asked as we were about to pass Brockholes. He said no, so I got him to pull off at j31 and before too long, we were at the Bramble Bushes watching a very very very worn White-letter Hair. Great start.
Onto Arnside and as always, Scotch Argus was out in force and once again, I was blown away by their beauty and Alex also felt the same. High Browns have had a poor year, so we only managed to see one, but it was a lovely fresh individual. I was also impressed with a few Brimstones that were obviously freshly emerged as they just didn't want to fly away, allowing wonderful photographing opportunities. I however have already had a great underwing shot, so upperwing was my goal. I got an ok photo, but just a shame it didn't fit in the whole shot. The same story with a Grayling...upperwing photo that has room for improvement!
Scotch Argus
High Brown Fritlliary
Brimstone for improvement
Grayling for improvement!
We popped into my house in Preston on the way back and suddenly found ourselves in the pub and then staying over for the night...again, another nice break from my course! More to follow....

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