Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hoopoe and Grey Phalarope in Denbighshire - 26th October 2013

Hoopoe by the Clwyd in Rhyl
Alex Jones text me around Lunchtime to tell me that he'd found a Hoopoe in Rhyl! A great find and a species that I still needed because they are not the easiest bird to twitch! Ros and I set off for it and after about 30 minutes on site (the bird had been missing for an hour) Ros rang me with excitement in her voice to tell me she'd refound it! Fantastic stuff! I ran over to where she was and after about 15 seconds, someone with black and white wings fluttered up out of the bramble below us. Result! It flew out of site into a tree, but a few seconds later, it flew in and landed on a branch right in the open about 25ft in front of me allowing me to get the above photo. It was a very hard bird to see well for long and was very flighty. It eventually flew across from the ditch and landed in some grass right next to the public footpath allowing excellent scope views.
Ros and Alex watching the Hoopoe (although Ros was about to ring me to tell me it was on the path right next to me as I was slightly oblivious at this point!)
Ros and I then moved onto Gronant to have a look for the Grey Phalarope that has been present for a couple of days on a pool and we were very pleased to discover it showing remarkably well right in front of a couple of photographers. It span away for the entirety of our visit (I do wonder how they don't get dizzy!) allowing for incredible views and very pleasing photos.
Never thought I'd be able to see these two species in the same county on the same day! Fantastic birds and I'm so happy to finally have seen a Hoopoe in the UK! Thanks to Alex for letting me know!

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