Thursday, 25 July 2013

Brockholes NR LWT - 23-25th July 2013: The Birds

I've spend part of the last three days at Brockholes catching up on how my patch is getting on and hoping to pick out something a little interesting in the unseasonally (based on the last two summers!) hot weather and thunderstorms.
23rd July
A lovely flock of 12 Black-tailed Godwits were present on Meadow Lake all day including a colour-ringed bird. This bird was one of 900 birds colour-ringed as part of a French project based near Bordeaux. The 2nd sighting away from the ringing site since 2009. A good record.

24th July
I arrived at half seven with the hope of being caught in some showers that may drop something juicy in. It wasn't long before the clouds cleared and the sun was beaming down from above. I therefore concentrated mainly on butterflies, but whilst waiting the Hairstreaks to arrive at the bramble patch near to the eastern side of Boilton Wood, I heard the noise that I was really hoping for: 'Jip-Jip'. It was a Common Crossbill flying north. There's an obvious movement at the moment, so I was really happy to see my first Brockholes Crossbill.

25th July
A check of Meadow Lake revealed and adult and juvenile Dunlin followed by 4 adult Dunlin on No1. A good start and nice to note some obvious movement during the showery weather overnight. I checked No1 from the family hide viewpoint and soon came across the bright face of a Common Scoter. My 3rd self found at the site and my first this Decade I believe! The bird was present all morning at least.
The bird spend a long time bathing, preening and flapping wings. Possibly ready to move on soon?
I made sure I checked the back of the head just to rule out Black Scoter! Obviously not very likely, but one of these days, if you don't check, it'll be one!

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